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Major Event Grants

Whilst Bee Diseases Insurance Ltd's primary aim is that of providing insurance against losses incurred when disease is found, its aims also include the 'Promotion of other measures for mitigating the losses suffered by beekeepers through bee diseases or other causes'. In other words, working towards a healthy bee population in England and Wales.

With the increasing drive from Government that beekeepers should be helping themselves rather than relying on support from the bee inspection service, In 2014 BDI decided to introduce a series of grants to member associations to support practical disease recognition and training at a local level.  This grant aid to members ran for a number of years.

For 2017, BDI is now focusing on larger events that have a healthy bee theme

Eligibility for a grant

All member associations of BDI will be eligible to make one claim per calendar year of £200 for an event. Where the BDI member is an area association, each branch/division within the member association will be eligible for a separate grant.

Members will not be eligible for a grant in their first year of membership and must have a minimum of twenty BDI insured members during the relevant year.

The grant of £200 is designed to allow associations to host larger events than they might otherwise have considered and to think about inviting higher profile or more expensive speakers to their regional event.  The event should be of a reasonable size – with an expectation of 100+ attendees. This could be evidenced by the numbers attending a similar event in prior years for example or an explanation of the extensive marketing being undertaken. Similarly international or other high profile speakers would provide evidence of the nature and size of the event.

APHA National Bee Unit Healthy Bee Days are specifically excluded from these grants. These meetings are provided with the NBU staff on a non-chargeable basis and attendees are expected to make a contribution which means such events should be self-funding without the need for additional grant aid.

Pre-approval of a programme is required as a prerequisite of making a claim. The application form is available from this page.  Acknowledgement of BDI is required both at the event and in all advertising material for the event. The BDI logo is available as a download from this page for this purpose.

Claims Procedure

Claims should be made retrospectively and sent to the BDI treasurer, on the claim form that can be downloaded from our website. Evidence of the programme should be provided together with a signed declaration by an association official that the event met the objectives. The grant is fixed at £200 irrespective of the actual cost of holding the event. Please note that only one claim can be made per event, even if two associations are involved in the event.

Claims should ideally be made within three months of the event, and by 31 October of the relevant year at the latest. Claims received after this date will not be considered.

BDI – Working for Healthy Bees

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