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BDI – Healthy Bee Training Grants 2019

Bee Diseases Insurance Ltd.’s primary aim is that of providing insurance against losses incurred when disease is found, its aims also include the 'Promotion of other measures for mitigating the losses suffered by beekeepers through bee diseases or other causes'.  In other words, working towards a healthy bee population in England and Wales.

 The National Bee Unit plan to hold a number of Bee Diseases days throughout 2019. BDI will be giving a fixed grant of £100 to support such events organised by the National Bee Unit, and arranged by the member association but only where diseased comb will be at the event.

 Eligibility for a grant

 Member associations of BDI arranging such events will be eligible to make one claim per calendar year of £100 for an event.  Members will not be eligible for a grant in their first year of membership and must have a minimum of twenty BDI insured members during the relevant year.

Two events in each NBU region will be eligible for this grant so you need to have NBU support to run the event.

BDI are pleased to be working with the National Bee Unit to promote bee health.

Pre-approval of a programme is required as a prerequisite of making a claim.

Acknowledgement of BDI’s support is required both at the event and in all advertising material for the event. The BDI logo can be downloaded from the BDI website for this purpose.

Claims Procedure

 Claims should be made retrospectively and sent to the BDI treasurer, on the claim form that can be downloaded from our website. (See icon at the bottom left hand corner of this page to download the form) Evidence of the programme should be provided together with a signed declaration by an association official that the event met the objectives.  The grant is fixed at £100 irrespective of the actual cost of holding the event.

Claims should ideally be made within three months of the event, and by 31 October 2019 at the latest and claims received after this date will not be considered.

 Further details and a claim form can be found at www.beediseasesinsurance.co.uk

 BDI – Working for Healthy Bees

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