eReturn2 (eR2)

eR2 is a cloud based system for associations to upload their members information to BDI's secure server.

This provides a number of features and benefits for local groups including:

  • Ability to upload member details from their own spreadsheets

  • Customise the information to include local subscriptions and other payments

  • Generate electronic receipts by PDF

  • Bulk email out receipts to their membership, saving time and postage costs

  • Print specific receipts for those members without email.

  • Generate local membership receipts for members without bees who do not need BDI cover

  • Record Gift Aid declarations and automatically generate a HMRC compatible spreadsheet from the data entered

In addition, if applicable, eR2 also allows member associations to support their membership of the BBKA including:

  • Maintenance of addresses for BBKA news mailings

  • Swarm list data

  • Officer data

  • Capitation returns

Finally the system incorporates a commercial emailing application - allowing local associations to have a secure method of communicating with their membership.

eR2 is fully compliant with the GDPR data protection regulations.

Questions about eR2 can be addressed to the team by email or once registered by using the comprehensive help information available within the secure server.