eReturn User Comments

What some eR2 users are saying:

Richard Dunnett, Newent Beekeepers Membership Secretary: "This is the third year I have been membership secretary for Newent Beekeepers, and has been the easiest to administer so far. Previously cheques and membership forms would arrive, and when I had a few I would enter the details onto my Excel spreadsheet, which was needed for own record purposes and then have to fill out the BDI certificate form. This was a bit of a pain for a number of reasons, firstly my writing is appalling, so the form always looked unprofessional and untidy and a bit illegible, and the third copy was nearly always too faint. Secondly I had to hand write all the information that I had previously typed in, so made it doubly time consuming. Then this had to be posted to the member, a cost of 50p plus envelope cost to the society.

"I am now able to enter the information into my spreadsheet, and use the data for uploading into the BDI webpage. (Most of this is by copy and pasting from the previous year’s entry – so not a lot of keying either!) This makes it quicker, and more accurate and the member gets a neat professional receipt and certificate by email. This saves the association the postage too. Our Treasurer can also log in and check on the number of members who have renewed. For those members that do not have email, then I can print off their certificate and post it myself."

Chris Powney, Beverley Beekeepers Membership Secretary: "Very impressed with the new system, which has saved me having to sit down and manually write out names and address for each member. Would definitely look to continue with using the system, and may look at expanding using the options in order to provide a full receipt for our members."

Joan Moody, Salisbury Beekeepers Membership Secretary: "I only started the Membership Secretary this spring so I was used to doing the odd one or two memberships at a time, so when the renewal time came it was a bit of a shock to have up to 20 to do at a time. Thankfully the job has been made so much easier than before - no more hand writing receipts or sending envelopes. The receipts can be tailored to the local association's needs which is great. It's definitely quicker & saves on stamps too!"